Fotografiets dag
Where to put the sky
On the beach at night
Square rotated
Sea-scape (Bilaga)
Silver and red/orange
Grayscale, Bellows, Aperture
Forestillet tid (Imagined Time)
Drawing lines in a circle
From under the floorboards
Johann and John
Old Road
Eastbound Bath Lane, Glasgow
Scratches In Lacquer
Northbound and Back
Light, Glas and Grit Constellation
For the quarterly mail art publication Bilaga I prepared a piece of photographic paper in the darkroom with a stamp printed on the reverse side, where there is no emulsion. Unprocessed black and white photographic paper undergoes colour changes from cream white to light blue, from blue to purple to brown when exposed to light over a longer time (depending on the type of paper a pink precedes the blue). With ‘Sea-scape’ I am asking the recipient to make a photogram, which will make visible an image on the silver emulsion. A photogram is the earliest form of photographic prints whereby an object is placed on light sensitive paper; the areas exposed to light change the structure of the silver grain and would typically be processed in chemistry to show up as black areas.