Fotografiets dag
Where to put the sky
On the beach at night
Square rotated
Sea-scape (Bilaga)
Silver and red/orange
Grayscale, Bellows, Aperture
Forestillet tid (Imagined Time)
Drawing lines in a circle
From under the floorboards
Johann and John
Old Road
Eastbound Bath Lane, Glasgow
Scratches In Lacquer
Northbound and Back
Light, Glas and Grit Constellation

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Northbound and Back, digital stills animation, 7min., 2004
Pushing a camera on tripod and dolly forward little by little through the cycle and pedestrian tunnels under the river Clyde in Glasgow. A wooden stick measuring 25cm was used to follow a certain rythm which when translated into film, resulted in a moderate cycling speed. Filming for about a week the work was about exploring the space under the river. Connecting Partick with Govan, my guess is that the tunnel would have been used mainly by workers when it opened in the 60's with shipbuilding yards on either side of the river still operating. Nowadays the tunnels are used very sparsely, which in connection witih graffiti and remnants from people hanging out smoking, drinking or occasionally setting fires makes them scary places.