Fotografiets dag
Where to put the sky
On the beach at night
Square rotated
Sea-scape (Bilaga)
Silver and red/orange
Grayscale, Bellows, Aperture
Forestillet tid (Imagined Time)
Drawing lines in a circle
From under the floorboards
Johann and John
Old Road
Eastbound Bath Lane, Glasgow
Scratches In Lacquer
Northbound and Back
Light, Glas and Grit Constellation

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Old Road, digital stills animation, 24min, 2007
Old Road was photographed over a period of 10 days resulting in over 18000 pictures. This piece of old road which hugs the western shore of Loch Lomond north of Glasgow stretches for one mile. It is now part of a longer cycle and pedestrian path. I like the way nature has taken over the road leaving a narrow path while at some places the road is still clearly visible both by streetmarkings and by its width. To simulate the speed of walking once the pictures were to be animated I calculated the distance for each new photograph should be 9cm. For this I pushed the camera on tripod and dolly on two thin wooden plates with tracks and markings all the way along this stretch of old road.