Fotografiets dag
Where to put the sky
On the beach at night
Square rotated
Sea-scape (Bilaga)
Silver and red/orange
Grayscale, Bellows, Aperture
Forestillet tid (Imagined Time)
Drawing lines in a circle
From under the floorboards
Johann and John
Old Road
Eastbound Bath Lane, Glasgow
Scratches In Lacquer
Northbound and Back
Light, Glas and Grit Constellation

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Eastbound Bath Lane, Glasgow, digital stills animation, 2:50min, 2005/06
These animations are made at night when the city pace is slowing down. I am fascinated by Glasgow's inner citys' grid layout with narrow lanes cutting through building blocks of offices, shops and bars, which provide access for deliveries of goods and collection of rubbish. They are vital for the daily life of a tightly structured city.