Fotografiets dag
Where to put the sky
On the beach at night
Square rotated
Sea-scape (Bilaga)
Silver and red/orange
Grayscale, Bellows, Aperture
Forestillet tid (Imagined Time)
Drawing lines in a circle
From under the floorboards
Johann and John
Old Road
Eastbound Bath Lane, Glasgow
Scratches In Lacquer
Northbound and Back
Light, Glas and Grit Constellation

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Forestillet tid (Imagined time), digital stills animation, 03:33 min., 2013, Michael Wurstbauer og Christina Reenberg Jensen
Forestillet tid (Imagined time) is a digital stills animation of a public clock recorded for the duration of a working day. It is a collaborative work between Michael Wurstbauer and Christina Reenberg Jensen.

The clock is situated on the outside of a bank in a provincial town in Denmark. Christina's interest was first drawn to this clock, because its hands are missing. This inspired her to make a photographic and sculptural work. When Michael helped her with taking a photograph of the clock, they noticed that the clock was indeed still working, albeit only visible in the comparison of two images taken 15 minutes apart. When the piece was exhibited in the town some of the locals explained the reason why the hands are missing. The clock kept loosing time, which resulted in many people complaining especially because it is situated right across a small bus terminal. Following this the current bank who took over the buillding inclusive clock from a former bank decided to take the clocks' hands off.